Ubud is Breathtaking

stacey ann loves bali indonesia

Colorful and peaceful are words to describe this small village of Ubud. Some of you may remember the name Ubud from the popular movie of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and from what I saw of the movie it depicted the village very well.

The Balinese are very warm, welcoming, and happy to explain more about their culture and religion. One would say, “We are not Indian Hindus, we are Balinese Hindus. Two very different religions…” The Balinese seek balance and harmony. They care for nature, animals, and living beings they see around them.


Offerings to the Gods

Every morning the Balinese create small offerings before breakfast of flowers, rice, cashews, and incense on top of banana leaves for the gods in front of doorways in homes, businesses, and temples. It shows their thanks and prayers before beginning their daily lives. This tradition is only done by the Balinese Hindu and no where else in the world. They believe in not only one god, but all Hindu gods.

stacey ann loves bali indonesia

Penjors or Offerings line up the streets of Bali

The Balinese create these Penjors which are tall curved bamboo offerings to reach their Gods. They use coconut leaves and flowers to create them.


Street Food

I never really worried about eating at small street vendors. As long as it looked fresh and somewhat clean, I figure why not. This was a sweet dessert of sweet coconut rice, pandan pancakes, and roasted coconut. Also they don’t serve utensils, everything is eaten by hands 🙂


The biggest lotus flower I’ve ever seen

stacey ann loves - bebek bengil ubud bali indonesia

Bebek Bengil – a bali-style restaurant and you can eat in huts amongst rice paddies

These photos were taken on a trip that was taken in October 2009. A few things may have changed since then, but to share our experience, I’ve compiled a few memorable photos and highlights. The last time I visited Bali was in 2012 and I’m very excited to visit again this fall as my first visit was so memorable and helped me feel at peace.

To share a bit of what my boyfriend and I experienced in Ubud…

Monkey Road
Our homestay was centrally located to walk around the main Ubud sights. Monkey Road is a very long street with lots of tourist shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Outdoor Market
This market was shown in the movie Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. You’ll find such a wide selection of gorgeous Balinese items, prints, furniture, flowers, and fresh goods. You’ll probably want to spend a good 2 hours here to see everything, maybe longer if you want to buy a lot and bring back to your hotel.

Monkey Forest
I’ve written a full feature dedicated to the Monkey Forest… http://bit.ly/1li30Wq

Restaurants in Ubud
As you walk along Monkey Forest Road and around Ubud as everything is walking distance. You will find many restaurants and cafes with gorgeous rice paddy views and Balinese decor, most of which you will be sitting on pillows or cross legged.

Cultural Etiquette
Balinese dress consists of sarongs and long sleeves making sure they cover their shoulders, armpits, and knees. For the most part, the Balinese visit their local temples almost everyday to give prayers. For tourists, it’s okay to wear our western clothing of shorts and tank tops, but as a heads up, you will get a lot of stares from locals for showing your shoulders and knees. If you feel uncomfortable, then you can cover your shoulders with a sarong. I found myself carrying a sarong at all times since we went into temples quite often.

Entering temples
They not only concern dress requirements for both men and women, but rules such as menstruation, open wounds, bringing certain foods into the temple, being physically or mentally ill, being in a state of mourning (limit 42 days), and having given birth within the past 42 days.

Third World Country
Since Bali is a 3rd world country, it is advised to use caution at all times. Always use common sense and to never flaunt your money and wealth while around touring. Be kind and considerate of locals, their customs, and culture.

What to wear
I chose to wear simple basics and removing any fancy jewelry, handbags, and brand named outfits. Always bring a sarong in case you need to cover up.

Read about health and safety tips while traveling…http://staceyannloves.com/travel-tips/

Photos by Jeffrey Boyce and Stacey Ann

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