It’s Berry Season

stacey ann loves fresh strawberries

Oh these berries look amazing! Jeff and I drove all the way to Brentwood California which is about an hour away from San Francisco. It’s a bit far away to head to, but it was a nice change of scenery and warmth! During the summers in SF can be really chilly, so leaving the little…

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Holding onto Summer

Style Mafia Rita Set | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

After a 3 week trip to Bali and Australia, I’m exhausted! Our days were jam packed with plans, so I tried to post on social media as much as I could. Stay tuned for upcoming posts of our trip on the blog! I’m in socal right now for more weddings to attend to!! Then headed…

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Into the woods

The Reformation dress and Imogene and Willie Hat | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

Hi! I decided to end my weekend with a quick personal update! These dramatic shots were taken while I was in Oregon a few weeks ago. You can never get enough of gorgeous greenery there. I’m even dancing around the idea of spending the holidays in Oregon. I usually stay clear from being in the…

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Portland Travel Diary

Imogene and Willie Hats and Portland Oregon Sign | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Jeff and I were in Portland, Oregon to attend a family wedding. Jeff is originally from Portland, so we visit quite often to see friends and family. Summers in Oregon are my favorite season of the year because you can experience its lush greenery, jaw dropping hikes and views,…

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House of Lolo

House of Lolo Portland Oregon | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

During my trip to Oregon this summer, I couldn’t help but do a little tax-free shopping while in town. By little, I really mean A LOT, because hey, did you just read what I said? It’s tax-free! The House of Lolo is always on my list of places to re-visit and I was really excited…

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Beach Day in LA

stacey ann loves wearing wildfox bel air round sunglasses

My weekend in LA was solely dedicated to meeting and learning from amazing talent in the blog world. As some of you may know, LA has a huge hub of bloggers who have suddenly risen to fame within the last few years. As you go around LA, you’ll even notice a lot of bloggers taking…

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A Day in Coppola Winery

stacey ann loves coppola winery california

LOCATION Francis Ford Coppola Winery 300 Via Archimedes Geyserville, CA 95441 If you’re looking for a European vacation away from foggy San Francisco this is an option for a quick day trip. Just 1.5 hours away from San Francisco, you can find this Italian-style treasure in Geyserville California Sonoma County. When you walk into the…

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Adidas ☓ Farm

stacey ann loves adidas farm collection in santa cruz beach boardwalk

While most of the world is tuning in to the World Cup, I’ll wear this jacket in honor of Brazil. You can never go wrong with an Adidas Original piece, but I honestly have not visited the store in ages – partly because I’ve lost interest in wearing basic sports clothes that are usually sold…

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