When in Paris


When in Paris, feel the magic… I could visit Paris a million times and never get tired of its beauty. This is my 4th visit to Paris and every trip is different. For many young girls, visiting Paris is a dream and it truly is a magical place of romance, enchantment, and beauty. Everywhere you…

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Blue Cote D’Azur

stacey ann loves nice beach french riviera

If ever you’re heading to the South of France, Nice is the main hub and great starting point to the Cote d’azur which means the French Riviera. Nice France has a main bustling town center with lots of shops and outdoor restaurants to last you an entire day of walking. A lot of tourist tend…

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City of Nice

stacey ann loves nice france main city center

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post and truly apologize for the lack of updates online. If any of you have been keeping up with my instagram, I am currently on vacation touring around France. Finally, here is my first post at the beginning of my trip. The actual purpose of this trip to…

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