Natural Beauty of Ubud

Somedays Lovin Turnpike Floral Gracie Dress | Natural Beauty | Ubud Bali Indonesia | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

I have such a huge appreciation for Bali’s natural beauty. During my first visit, I was so in awe and couldn’t help but take photos of everything!! Florals of all different colors sprouting left and right and their intricate detail to woodwork and architecture is incredibly amazing. My boyfriend and I only had one day…

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Must Try Dishes in Bali

Must try dishes in Bali Influences from all corners of the globe make up the dishes of Bali. Balinese food is abundant in spices and can be overpowering if you are not comfortable with eating spicy foods. Most of the best Balinese foods we’ve tried were in Ubud and smaller villages. If you’re feeling homesick,…

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Hello from Bali

Wearing Milly Maxi Skirt, BCBG bracelets, HOSS bag

Sending an update / postcard from the village Nusa Dua in Bali. My boyfriend and I are half way around the world in Southeast Asia along with many of my close friends for a wedding. I’ve posted a few photos on my Instagram and Twitter as an update to follow along. The intricate architecture and…

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Ubud is Breathtaking

Colorful and peaceful are words to describe this small village of Ubud. Some of you may remember the name Ubud from the popular movie of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and from what I saw of the movie it depicted the village very well. The Balinese are very warm, welcoming, and happy to explain…

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Monkey Forest in Ubud

stacey ann loves monkey forest bali ubud

Warning: Monkey Forest is completely cage less. A huge highlight for my boyfriend and I because you can walk amongst the monkeys in the forest, completely cage less! If you’re an animal lover, visit this place and you’ll have a blast with these always entertaining animals. But beware, if you’re not comfortable, it’s possible they…

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Romantic Dinner by the Beach

stacey ann loves jimbaran bali indonesia seafood restaurant on beach

Heading to Jimbaran Bay is a really great place to start your first intro to Bali especially after a long tiring overseas flight. Jimbaran is a fishing village and tourist area located just a few minutes drive from the main airport. It’s essentially a huge stretch of seafood restaurants and luxury hotels along the beach….

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Grand Nikko Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua I’ll be honest, from what I remember of Nusa Dua was a strip of hotels and private beach areas. The best way to experience Nusa Dua is to stay in a luxury Balinese style hotel. I didn’t mean for this to basically be a hotel review, but I wanted to share my experience…

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