Personal with Sumatran Elephants


These massive, but gentle and sweet creatures are truly amazing to observe. Being able to interact and play with them, was well worth a visit to Taro Bali. We even got to play with the babies and they were the cutest things we’ve ever seen. They were so playful with you just playing around like house dogs. With two separate trips to Bali, I actually went here twice because I loved it so much!

“…the best elephant park I have ever seen!”
Steve Irwin

Elephant Safari Park
This was an amazing experience to be up close and personal with Elephants and their babies. You get to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and even stay with 30 beautiful Sumatran elephants. The park owners are from Australia who live close to the park and the park is very clean and well kept. We chose this place because the treatment of animals here are awesome. The trainers treat the Elephants very well and all of their commands are in Indonesian without the use of a whip.

Elephant Rides
The park has a lot of options to choose from. You can walk around, have an Elephant Safari Day or Night ride, watch live elephant games, or have an outdoor night buffet dinner. Also we learned historically, Sumatran Elephants take pride and pleasure in working. The elephant handlerWe really liked that aspect since most Elephant parks practice animal cruelty.

$16 US Dollars Entrance Fee (Does not include Rides)
For roughly $100-$150 you can usually get an Elephant Safari Ride along with the night buffet or rafting trip from outside tour agencies.

Hotel and Lodge
Elephant Safari Park is also a Hotel and Lodge for everyone from elephant lovers, children and families and for those who enjoy peace and tranquility of being ensconced in beautiful tropical parkland surrounds.

Elephant Safari Park Lodge
Jalan Elephant Park Taro
Taro Village/Tegallalang
Ubud Bali 80561, Indonesia


Photos by Stacey Ann

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