Natural Beauty of Ubud

Somedays Lovin Turnpike Floral Gracie Dress | Natural Beauty | Ubud Bali Indonesia | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

I have such a huge appreciation for Bali’s natural beauty. During my first visit, I was so in awe and couldn’t help but take photos of everything!! Florals of all different colors sprouting left and right and their intricate detail to woodwork and architecture is incredibly amazing. My boyfriend and I only had one day…

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French Riviera Umbrellas

nice france | photo by stacey ann loves

Looking back at this beautiful trip I took 2 years ago with my family. The French Riviera was one of the most sophisticated beach towns I’ve ever visited. Cute Anthropologie-esque shops and French cafes lined the main strip. You see lots of people watchers sipping their cafe or glass of wine just admiring the day….

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