stacey ann loves in yellow zara coat with pockets and topshop leather sweats

Hot and Cold

As most of you know the weather has been extremely unpredictable lately. It had gotten to about 90 degrees the other day and then plunges to 60 degrees the next day. Since it’s spring, rather than bringing out my black jacket, I wanted to add a few spring colors to the mix with my long…

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Retro Desert Style

stacey ann loves shakuhachi

In time for festival season, I just picked up these awesome Australian shades by Shakuhachi. We don’t necessarily have any deserts or cacti in Northern California, but I did know of a great hiking spot right by my parents home in Danville, called Mt. Diablo State Park. Almost every weekend, my boyfriend and I would…

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Crop Tops and Boots

stacey ann loves in top shop crop top and lace dress

These shots were taken in a small suburb of San Francisco called Walnut Creek. I actually grew up in Danville which is a town right next to Walnut Creek and come to visit almost twice a month to see my parents. The great thing about this place in the morning is that it’s completely deserted…

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Monday Blues

stacey ann loves marc jacobs catalina chambray dress

Monday’s aren’t really blue days for me. I get pretty excited to start a new fresh week feeling relaxed from the weekend. My week usually starts off with a routine of work, fitness, and eating healthy! On weekends, I tend to let loose a bit on my usual diet, just like a mini vacation. Anywho,…

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