“naked” bkr bottle

Just ooo and awe at this gorgeous “naked” bkr bottle from their 2017 Spring Collection. It’s like the Garden of Eden… and Eve is waiting for her Adam to arrive 😉

I can just stare at this spiked bkr all day. It’s amazing what inspired founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler to come up with such a gem. It reminds me of a chic punk rockstar that still has a fragile, feminine side.

I’ve actually been a long time fan of bkr bottles since 2013 and have the first generation bkr! I’ve been using it ever since and it hasn’t shown any wear. The cap part though started to tear up a bit because I got it caught inside a pilates reformer machine and yanked it out! haha My favorite part of my old water bottle is that I can easily clean it. Some of the other water bottles you can’t really tell if it’s clean or not which is why my current bkr has lasted me for so long.

I just adore the chic look of all their collections and was incredibly excited to see the spiked collection! I also became recently aware that they were founded in San Francisco and I’m always looking to help promote local brands.

You can purchase a bottle for $40 at Saks Fifth Ave it’s pricey, but will last you a very long time and it’s too cute to pass up!

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  • Berniedette PetiteAndToned

    I love this waterbottle! I saw it in person at Pilates studio and I might just have to get it. It’s a great balance between girly meets edgy!


    Berniedette | PetiteAndToned.com

    • I love bkr, it’s literally the cutest water bottle on the market right now!

      • Berniedette PetiteAndToned