Into the woods

The Reformation dress and Imogene and Willie Hat | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves
The Reformation dress and Imogene and Willie Hat | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

Hi! I decided to end my weekend with a quick personal update!

These dramatic shots were taken while I was in Oregon a few weeks ago. You can never get enough of gorgeous greenery there. I’m even dancing around the idea of spending the holidays in Oregon. I usually stay clear from being in the cold, but I know itโ€™s important to my boyfriend that we spend time there with his family and to experience more of Oregons treasures. Weโ€™ll see! What do you guys think? Should I explore Oregon or perhaps head to Hawaii for a warmer climate?!

Next week, my boyfriend and I are off to Bali and Australia for another wedding! Close friends of mine have been planning this destination wedding for almost a year now, so I’ve been frantically scrambling to plan the trip and take care of work at home before I leave. Iโ€™m really excited to see my friends tie the knot. I’ve known them for about 14 years now as we’ve met in college and was even there during their first date ๐Ÿ™‚

As we travel around Bali and Australia, I’m a little better at keeping updated on instagram, so definitely follow along with me. I’ll try to update the blog as much as I can while I’m out, even for just quick updates.

When I return in November, I have plans to update my blog with more helpful topics around travel, fashion, photography, and healthy foods. Iโ€™m not an expert, but would love to share my experiences in hopes to help others.

Thatโ€™s all for now! Have a great week everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Gorgeous dress! Have a great time on your travels!!

    • Thanks Sara! Can’t wait to visit the Great Barrier Reef! One of my bucket list items. Btw, I was eyeing those block bags you posted about!

  • gorgeous. have so much fun on your trip – I’ll be stalking your instagram, don’t worry. let’s grab a drink when you get back!

  • I love the lighting in these photographs! Can’t wait to see pics of Bali and Australia!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to go on vacation again! Preparation and planning takes forever, but so worth it when you’re there! It’s great to meet you! You have a wonderful travel blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • have a lovely travel … can’t wait for your Bali and Australia photos..

  • Melissa San Vicente

    You are such a babe! xo