Holding onto Summer

Style Mafia Rita Set | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves
Style Mafia Rita Set | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves
Style Mafia Rita Set | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

After a 3 week trip to Bali and Australia, I’m exhausted! Our days were jam packed with plans, so I tried to post on social media as much as I could. Stay tuned for upcoming posts of our trip on the blog! I’m in socal right now for more weddings to attend to!! Then headed back home to San Francisco.

To be fortunate enough to travel to so many places is a dream and I’m so glad to be able to have this opportunity. I have a great circle of friends and family travelers. Anyone can travel, but it’s the people who influence us to do so. These people have taught us there is a world out there to explore and so far beyond what we usually know.

My first trip abroad was to the Philippines with my family when I was only 7 years old. I’ve never flown on a long flight before, so the entire time my stomach was in swirls and can remember throwing up a couple times on that 14 hour flight. Right as we were landing, I was sooooooo excited I couldn’t contain myself, so I took off my seat belt in order to smash my face against the window to see what’s outside. I kept yelling, “Were here! Were here! Were in the Philippines!” And then in shock I said, “Why are all the houses so damaged?!” Everyone around our seats laughed out loud! Most of the passengers on the plane were Filipinos who are now American residents, so in their eyes, I was just a little girl who’s lived in a California bubble.

I could remember it like it was yesterday, my first look into a world so unlike what I know of, of cookie cutter California homes, green grass, playgrounds, and parks. The Philippines was hot, humid, sticky, but very interesting how things were so different there. My parents took me to their hometown, we got to eat noodles on leaves using our hands, the pristine and clear beaches were like nothing I had ever seen, I drank fresh coconut juice picked right from the tree and one of my favorite things was seeing all the magazines with girls that looked like me!

From then on, I knew traveling was my passion. I wanted to explore other countries and learn their ways, their cultures, their religion, their food, and style… I believe in being open minded because we have all come from different backgrounds and there is a reason why we are the way we are.

TOP AND BOTTOM SET: Style Mafia Miami

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  • Pam

    beautiful pictures and story! Have a lovely day. xo Pam


    • oh thank you pam! traveling is truly an amazing experience every time! i hope to one day visit panama! 🙂

  • Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to go on vacation to a warm place 🙂 xx


    • Thank you Erica! Were so spoiled in California, we don’t really know what seasons are really like. haha. Hope to visit NYC soon! 🙂

  • Love the photos they are beautiful and love the story of your first trip abroad! It is so good to remember how we saw the world as children! Definitely unique! I can’t wait to travel more and seeing people’s travels through blogs and IG definitely gives me the travel bug! You are so lucky you have been able to hold onto summer for so long! In Ireland, Winter started back in September!

    p.s love your blog design, it’s a really nice layout.

    Trish x

    • Thanks Trish! That’s so kind of you! IG really does push us a little when it comes to traveling! Were also incredibly spoiled in California with all the sunshine! I hope to visit Ireland one day. It looks so lush a green with beautiful mountains. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Beautiful photos! And such a cute outfit!