The First Femme Fair

I started blogging because I knew in my heart I needed a way to continue growing as a creative. I have a full time job as a designer, but I still wanted more. And for the most part at a job, you’re specialized in one area. I knew I was limiting my skills and I wanted to discover new talents and push my capabilities. After 3 years, I found that blogging challenges me everyday.

As we celebrated Femme Fair, I felt this combining sense of relief and joy in how far I’ve come since I first started blogging. I’ll be honest, but 3 years ago when I released my first blog post, I was terrified. Terrified of what my friends and family would think of me. “Oh she’s being silly, she wants to be a fashion blogger now? Who does she think she is, is she trying to act like a model?! She’s no model! She’s short! She has no style…” blah blah blah… The rants can go on and inside I truly felt that way. I could sense how my friends felt about me and ones who’d make fun of me. It was just too exhausting to even want to tell them why I started it. No I wasn’t trying to be a model, I just needed a space to be creative again.

Femme Fair to me, was a celebration of how far we’ve ALL come and that blogging isn’t a joke. And the sad thing is, it was the closest people to me who didn’t initially support me. I tried not to care, but it affected me. I felt ashamed to talk about anything blogging related around my friends for the fear of being made fun of. It took some time, but I kept going with it on my own time.

Since then, I ended up making lasting friendships through blogging *ahem
and Christina (pictured left), I got outside of my comfort zone, I met lots of new people and continue to do so everyday, I got better at photography and now I feel stronger than ever!

Sometimes people will bring you down, but it’s up to you to be strong. Let things go, pick yourself back up and in time people will see that you’re not a joke and you are one badass empowering gal!

Femme Fair was just that! It was a party to celebrate YOU! We know how hard it is to start that business, take that blog photo, talk in your first YouTube video and start your first workout class. We KNOW how tough it is to deal with all the ridicule from the closest ones to you, and we wanted to create a safe space to celebrate that you can be anyone and any shape because women are beautiful and strong. We are here as your support system anytime you need it. Especially at this crucial time, women need to help each other, not bring each other down, but lift one another up.

When Melissa, Christina and I initially started planning, we had NO idea what we were doing. And we worked our ASSES off!! We’ve never planned a huge event before, let alone a public event! Besides my wedding of course and I must say this was much easier than planning a wedding because you don’t have to deal with any family stress lol Sorry but it’s true!

As soon as we set a date with all the main peeps, we went full speed ahead with the planning and my GAWD it was chaos! I don’t know how we pulled it off in a month in a half, but we did and wow it was an amazing journey to have done it beside two super awesome gals, Melissa and Christina. We met 3 years ago with the same fears and this event planning process really brought us close together. It’s also not easy to start a venture with just anyone and we were so lucky to have found one another by the simple notion of getting outside your comfort zone and being open to meeting a new creative friend.

We teamed up with more badass gals and just look at the amazing creations we made as a team. Also special thank you to my husband Jeff, aka OGs, short for Ogre. If it weren’t for him, we would not have more than half the items at the event! If I wanted to bring our entire house to use as decor for a party, he will find a way and bring all the furniture with his bare hands! You are my rock and I don’t know what I would do without you. You can see our wedding here on Junebug Weddings.

Photo and styling by @clairexue

The styling ideas pictured above and below came from that crazy girl in the photo named, Claire Xue. I needed help with two photo experiences at our event and with little context of “blogger shopping sale and The Future is Female in gold balloons” she ran off with it! Within a week, she sent me these CRAZY ideas! I was like WHAT?! You’re imagining a tough motorbike with sidecar?! Dressed and spilling with florals?! And what was that? Beyoncé pregnancy shoot? And a giant bamboo stick hanging with leaves strewn about the entire lounge area?! LOL I had to shake my head a bit to see if she was kidding hahaha. But I was in ALL THE WAY! She sold me with the ideas and we went off! And we we’re SO desperate to make it happen, it took 3 of us gals and a Mel’s hubby to lift that vintage 1950s Vespa up 4 flights of stairs. Some of the original concepts didn’t all go through as planned due to budget reasons, but for the most part it turned out even better than we dreamed!! I can’t wait to see what other crazy shit she’ll come up with next!

Photo and styling by @clairexue and @praaaise

Femme Fair was a shopping party for women, by women. Attendees were able to shop from 10 bloggers’ closets, Katie Dean Jewelry, Cuyana, Bloomsgiving and Claranlily. You can sip Campari America Aperol Spritz, Mimosas, One Hope Wine, and partake in delicious bites. A portion of proceeds were donated directly to planned Parenthood.

Attendees were able to share their thoughts, fears and wisdom on the beautiful wall of empathy.

Campari America and Ampersand, wow you guys impressed me! That mobile wooden bar with gorgeous spring florals did wonders and really made the kitchen space look amazing! And how about these two cute boys as bartenders?!

Mishi by Morphic also came to represent with a legit braid bar!

A few photos from my personal booth space represented by Jenna McGuire and my best friends forever.

Homegirl DJ ThatGirl

How about this swag?!

Having major FOMO?! Follow us @FemmeFair for our next event! We have something in the works sometime this year 😉 Want to be part of the next Femme Fair or see us in your city? Please email us at

Event by: Stacey Ann Loves, Closet Luxe, MELSANV

Aperol Spritz & Mimosa Bar: Campari America

Ice Cream: Three Twins Ice Cream

Photographer: Nanette Wong

Videographer: Aylmer Abrea and Geremy Magbanua

Venue: Awake via Peerspace


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Selfie Station & Wall of Empathy: Claire Xue

Balloons: North Star Balloons

Vespa: Bellomoto

Florals: ampersand


Macarons: Bake-No-Fake

Halo Halo Milk: The Sarap Shop

Juices: Organicgirl

Character Macarons: Ketsourine Macarons

Cotton Candy Cones:


Salads: sweet green


Braid Bar: Morphic

DJ: DJ ThatGirl

Clothing: Alyssa Nicole

Handbags: Cuyana

Jewelry: Katie Dean Jewelry

Succulents: Bloomsgiving

Macrame: Claranlily

Temporary Tattoos: Krome Body


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