Carry-on Essentials

In preparation for an upcoming trip to Bali and Australia for a dear friends wedding, I thought it would be appropriate to share my must have carry-on essentials. After all, my friends and I are currently texting each other about tips on what to bring on long-haul flights.

I’ve categorized my essentials with a step by step guide of before, during, and landing.

stacey ann loves carry-on travel essentials

For long haul flights, I’m all about comfort and convenience. The last thing I want to be wearing are tight jeans making my legs fall asleep, so the first thing I do when I get on the plane is use the bathroom while everyone is still settling into their seats.

Put on a scrunchie – Ok don’t laugh, but I still use scrunchies! These cute Topshop scrunchies won’t tug on hair and comfortable while laying back against a seat.

Take off makeup – I wash my face with a travel sized Origins face wash. Facial wipes work great too!

Brush teeth – My entire sonicare set with always be with me when traveling. Trust me, your dentist will thank you.

Moisturize – My usual skin regimen comes with me which includes a travel sized Origins Face Serum, Eucerin Lotion and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

Put on PJs – Rather than walking around the plane in flannel PJs, these Gilligan & O’Malley basics work great.

If any of you are thinking, “Oh no, I’m going to look like a bum on the plane!” Who cares what you look like on the plane?! The only few people who will pay attention to what you’re wearing are flight attendants. Trust me, they’re wishing to be as comfortable as you. Don’t worry, just 30 minutes to 1 hour before landing you can freshen up again to prepare for your airport appearance.


Sarong – A sarong helps keep me warm during a flight. Airlines usually provide blankets, but they feel itchy on my skin and I don’t think fabric softener is used because it’s always bunching up and creating static electricity in my hair and clothes.

Sleep mask – I take an sleep mask with me while traveling on the plane and off. I sometimes find it easier to shut all lights out with a mask and knock out. Some masks are therapeutic with lavender scents or tea mask. They don’t last very long though, so a standard one for me does the job.

Nose and mouth cover – Airplanes use high amounts of dry air-conditioning and oxygen which dehydrates your nose and mouth. This nose and mouth cover helps keep you hydrated in addition to warding off potential sickness.

Gel socks – My feet are always freezing in the plane, these Bliss Spa Socks are perfect for keeping them warm, comfy, and hydrated.


Now that I am in absolute comfort mode, I’m ready to cozy up with a movie or a good book!


1. Headphones
2. Reading material
3. iPad for movies and music


Definitely bring an empty water bottle with you on the plane. I can never get enough water during a long flight, so bringing a bottle with me will make it easier to fill up. You can also buy a bottle of water at the airport and save the bottle for in-flight use.

I’m not a big fan of airplane food, so I pack a small collapsable lunch cooler. I’ll pre-make a few avocado or almond butter sandwiches before I leave for the airport. With a few squirts of lemon juice before mashing, the avocados will last longer. I’ll also pack some greens in a ziplock to add to my sandwich. Depending on what’s in season, I’ll bring grapes, an apple, banana, plantain chips and banana chips. Yes I’m addicted to bananas 🙂


Hydrate dry skin – About 30 minutes to 1 hour before landing, I’ll pop on either a full on face mask or Shiseido Under-eye Patches to freshen up tired eyes.

Wipe face and moisturize – I’ll use a facial wipe to freshen up.

Put on makeup – AJosie Maran Stain adds some color to my face. It works for both cheeks and lips.

Fix hair – I like to spritz a little Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo to freshen up my airplane seat hair.

Change clothes – Be ready for your airport appearance.

And lastly, always pack valuables in your carry-on bag. The last thing you want to worry about are your expensive jewelry or electronics missing.

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