Adidas ☓ Farm

stacey ann loves adidas farm collection in santa cruz beach boardwalk
stacey ann loves adidas farm track jacket kenzo 59fifty

While most of the world is tuning in to the World Cup, I’ll wear this jacket in honor of Brazil. You can never go wrong with an Adidas Original piece, but I honestly have not visited the store in ages – partly because I’ve lost interest in wearing basic sports clothes that are usually sold to the masses. Anyways, I was actually on my way to run an errand in downtown SF and spotted something very colorful across the street. From afar, the window display almost looked like I was staring at a clover canyon shop. I couldn’t believe it was Adidas! I went right in and found a display of vibrant prints, florals, and could hear tropical birds chirping as if I were right in a Brazilian rainforest. I grabbed the first pattern that caught my eye and apparently this new release had been long awaited and I just happened to stroll in. Wow I’m a lucky gal! The line was very much my style of sporty chic!

Anywho, I’m off to France very soon and haven’t been on top of blogging and instagramming lately, but I will definitely keep you all updated during my travels. I am very ecstatic about my trip and cant wait to gather up more content for my blog. I plan to document as much as I can, so definitely keep in touch via insta.

stacey ann loves adidas farm track jacket kenzo 59fifty
stacey ann loves adidas farm track jacket kenzo 59fifty

JACKET : Adidas x Farm Firebird Floralina Track Jacket
PANTS : Topshop Leather Joggers (similar here)
SUNGLASSES : Shakuhachi
HAT : Kenzo 59Fifty Pink and Green (Similar here)

Photos by Jeffrey

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