50 Styles and 50 States


There’s something relaxed and effortless about California’s style. With constant sunshine and rich hippie history, it’s not hard to dress chic and carefree while toting around a green smoothie. When Old Navy asked me to create a California-inspired look for their #50States50Styles campaign, my initial thought was “Do I dress like a California girl?”

“I’m an explorer that loves to travel the world! My style is influenced by different cultures and interesting artifacts as accessories. There’s no way I’m a typical California girl!”

But lo and behold, I took one look around my house and saw my own effortless California look. A lot of my style is focused on being comfortable while adding pops of color as statement pieces. I rarely EVER wear pants and if they are pants, they’re wide leg or palazzo style which is exactly what I’m wearing from Old Navy. I’m a fortified California bohemian-hippie, who drinks a green smoothie made from her Vitamix every morning. Sunshine 7 days a week? Hell yes!! It keeps me smiling everyday!

So I’m embracing my inner best “West” coaster with style essentials that no California girl can live without. A relaxed wide leg pant, comfy sneakers, and a cozy sweater sitting on a bonified peacock bohemian chair. Thanks Old Navy for reminding me of where I’m from.

I’d love to see your #50styles50states look inspired by your own city and state. Just hashtag #50styles50states and #OldNavyStyle when you post your look. To see all different state style looks from Old Navy, click here.

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