2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 New Year's Resolutions | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

I know it’s a bit of a cliche to have resolutions, but thought I should write mine out in hopes that I will start and stick to it!

Eat Healthy.
I’m always on a health kick, but when the holidays rolled around, eating healthy just went through the roof! I guess that’s what most people tend to do. Since I’ve started eating whatever I wanted such as meat, dairy, and gluten, I’ve seen a huge increase in how I generally feel and look. My hair and skin isn’t glowing and even skin rashes are flaring up. I’m also starting to gain more weight! Gasp! Oh well, I had my fun, now it’s back to eating my fruits and veges!!

Working out can be fun until you get bored of doing the same things over and over again. Which is why you start to see a rise in new gyms opening up around big city areas. Newest ones I’ve seen are Soul Cycle, Heated Barre Classes via PureYoga, Tracy Anderson Method, and Barry’s Bootcamp.

Posting on the blog more often.
I am failing so much on this lately especially during the holidays! I was all over the place with traveling, attending parties, shopping for gifts, and cooking! Oh boy was it a busy season! I need to come up with a good consistent schedule.

Finding a new home.
I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 3 years in a small basement apartment in San Francisco. We live in the heart of it all, but it’s time to move outta here and have sunlight for once! Oh do I miss sunlight!

Organize my closet.
My closet has exploded over the past two years. I’ve accumulated tons of clothes that I had to purchase 4 extra clothing racks and shelves to support my outfits accessories, and shoes! I am lucky enough to have an extra room at my parents home that it has become a showroom of stuff! My brother calls it my costume store. I’m hoping that the new apartment I move into will support all of my outfits. If not, I should perhaps organize my room at my parents home and make it my official blog office. I plan to start selling my items via ebay and depop and thought about throwing a blogger bazaar event to sell my clothes!

Save money.
My boyfriend and I have been trying to save for a house and a future wedding! So saving money is definitely a must. My goal is to cut down on my shopping adventures and to work with what I currently have. I’m also addicted to getting my nails done, having lash extensions, and spending over $300 to get my hair done! These are things I can do without and do myself!

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

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  • Cute photos! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I lived in a basement for a few years and yes, you really do miss sunlight! I hope your new place is even awesomer. I think holiday feasts and desserts make us all feel sluggish and I’m getting back to working out and eating right too. I always seem to fall off during the year, but consistency is key, right. Same with blogging or saving or anything, I guess. Best of luck in 2015!

    • Happy New Year’s Melissa! Yes a basement apartment is just something some of us have to experience in a lifetime! I’m definitely ready to move outta here, but with the high cost of living in San Francisco, it’s a bit tough! Also you’re right, consistency is definitely key. I just need to get out of my hump and start! Take care! 🙂