Imogene and Willie Hats and Portland Oregon Sign | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

Portland Travel Diary

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Jeff and I were in Portland, Oregon to attend a family wedding. Jeff is originally from Portland, so we visit quite often to see friends and family. Summers in Oregon are my favorite season of the year because you can experience its lush greenery, jaw dropping hikes and views,…

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Fiat City Living

Wearing Cameo, Miu Miu, and Rachel Zoe | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

Why I chose to have a car in San Francisco Having a car is a nice luxury which I chose to go with. You can definitely get around without one, but I personally like to visit other SF neighborhoods and venture outside of the city. If a neighborhood is more than a 2 miles away,…

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House of Lolo

House of Lolo Portland Oregon | Photos by Stacey Ann Loves

During my trip to Oregon this summer, I couldn’t help but do a little tax-free shopping while in town. By little, I really mean A LOT, because hey, did you just read what I said? It’s tax-free! The House of Lolo is always on my list of places to re-visit and I was really excited…

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Stylelend to the Rescue

Old Hollywood Dress available at Style Lend for $100! | photos by stacey ann loves

I was headed to a jazz concert with my boyfriend last week and decided to bust this yellow baby out for a spin! The silk on this dress made me feel like a million bucks and I even paired it with my blingin Jeffrey Campbell heels for that extra shine. These days shopping for a…

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Azure Riviera


Took advantage of this cute french terrace at an airbnb spot we were staying at in Nice France. We had a wonderful view of the ocean and city right outside. It was amazing! SHOP THE LOOK DRESS : Tracy Reese AIRBNB: Nice France FacebookTwitterPinterest

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