Istanbul Blue Mosque

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve returned from my trip to Europe and it feels good to be home. I have to admit, traveling makes me feel alive, but sometimes I just miss being home, in my own bed, with all my stuff in one place, having a Trader Joes nearby haha, and just being…

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Istanbul Grand Bazaar


The Grand Bazaar If you’re into shopping for ethnic items, this market is a galore of Turkish, African, and Persian rugs, colorful lights, jewelry, and Turkish spices to take home. I came in with an intent of buying rugs!! Before I came to the bazaar, I read up on tips and advice on how to…

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My Easter Outfit

Marciano Embroidered Palm Prints Skirt | Topshop High Neck Top | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

Happy Easter! I’m dressed a little girlier than usual here due to all the holiday festivities. Since I was young, my mom would always dress me up in a brightly colored dress plus a giant spring hat. I guess it stuck with me and here I am wearing a high neck floral top and embroidered…

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Say Hello to Spring


I hope the extremity of pink florals didn’t give you a headache. I just loved these bright pink flowers popping up all over LA. You can literally drive a few blocks and find them taking over walls. It was the first day of spring and I wanted to bring out some color with these pink…

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Natural Beauty of Ubud

Somedays Lovin Turnpike Floral Gracie Dress | Natural Beauty | Ubud Bali Indonesia | Photo by Stacey Ann Loves

I have such a huge appreciation for Bali’s natural beauty. During my first visit, I was so in awe and couldn’t help but take photos of everything!! Florals of all different colors sprouting left and right and their intricate detail to woodwork and architecture is incredibly amazing. My boyfriend and I only had one day…

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